Prophecy Stones are very rare and very special, found in the deserts between Egypt and Libya, not far from where Libyan Desert Glass is found. They are pseudomorphs, that is, one mineral has replaced another while retaining the shape of the original mineral. In this case, they are Hematite/Goethite after Marcasite.

These stones have a very high vibration and resonate strongly with the Third Eye Chakra. The name comes from their ability to aid in seeing visions and are often used to connect with the Akashic Records. They have an amazing ability to channel spiritual energy down through the Crown Chakra and out through the Root Chakra..
..Prophecy Stones are potentially the most powerful of all minerals for grounding light energy into the physical body. Holding one during meditation will cause an incredible amount of energy to come down through the crown chakra, filling the entire body and traveling all the way down to the feet of the user.