SP-81 Long **Double Terminated**POWERFUL** Scepter with Hematite

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SP-81 Long **Double Terminated**POWERFUL** Scepter with Hematite
aprox 5 1/2" x 152 grams

These crystals are symbols of power. The energy flows to the  (center) of everything.

These crystals are very powerful and caution is urged when using them.

A Quartz Scepter is a powerful manifesting crystal and must be used wisely. Make sure it is something you really want, or more importantly, actually need!


Hold a scepter in your hand, imagine your body is the stem and center, your head is the crown. Feel your senses heighten. Feel your intelligence and spirituality expand. You are the Scepter 

Feel your eyes and mind focus like burning hot lasers. Let your hearing and perceptive consciousness flood in and wash over you. Feel the power and energy of what is right and just course through your body. Revel  in the joy and harmony of balanced  unlimited energy.